How I Found My Doppelganger

In July 2019, I was working on my thesis defense for my bachelor’s degree while also applying to a few companies. Five companies already rejected my application; I was losing confidence over myself.

But then one day, this gentleman named Ivan contacted me. He was starting a company from ground zero and asked me to be on his team. He was lavish in his compliment. With a sincere tone, he would repeatedly remind me of what I worth, more than anyone has ever told me.

We discussed his vision of the company, ALTRU — short for altruism. He thinks that humans should never do repetitive work, that they are capable of something more analytical. He wanted to empower people from labor into a thinker. I was engaged as we talked about the topic. Unconsciously, I was already amazed by this person. He is the one who follows his passion no matter what his parent says; he left his well-paid job and went full speed on this company he wanted to build.

After completing my thesis defense, I joined his company with only four other people in it. As we worked together, we got to know more about each other. I was starting to realize that Ivan and I have a lot of similarities.

He likes to contemplate in silence, finding the philosophy of how the world around him works.

He likes to listen to LoFi Jazz music; he would play the piano every time he has the chance.

He always wants to learn to be better, seeing things from different perspectives.

He pursues his dreams; created his own company for a greater good.

Those are the things that I would like to do as well. Man, under different circumstances, I would definitely become Ivan. Fun fact: We were born on the same date.

Our encounter, however, was cut rather short. At that moment, I couldn’t stand the pressure from work and family. I got paid well enough, but no security, and for a person whose background like me, it was a dealbreaker.

A lot of hustle was involved, working with him. We used to work 12–15 hours a day with unrealistic deadlines and for an almost impossible dream. But it was probably the best two months of suffering in my life as I get to see his perspectives, and it changes me in a certain way. I am now more accepting of who I am, of what I can and can not. I am urging myself to dive right into discomfort, doing things I have never done before — like meeting a stranger from Tinder, or my new workplace, or explore new hobbies like freestyle drone, or creating a time-lapse for my adventures. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?

So, this is my message for you,

For everyone struggling to find jobs,
Hang on…
You just need to meet someone who knows your worth
Someone who sees right through your potential

For everyone struggling in your career,
Hang on…
The more suffering you get early on,
The more perspectives you see later on.

For everyone living life as plain as milk,
Don’t hang on…
Take a step back and think of what you want to do
Remember that you only live once.

Cheers, mate!



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Joshua Gunawan

Joshua Gunawan

Sharing my thoughts and experiences to the world. Engineering/Finances/Philosophy.