Well, how should I start? Maybe I will start with a question

“What is love?”

Dear Diary.

Today is December 30th, 2020. Same thoughts different day. My mind is all over the place. Everything is vague, everything is rolling dice.

I used to be that man who is passionate, ambitious, had a clear goal in every step. I did nothing wrong, but somehow I lost…

For the last decade, we’ve seen increasing concern about the environment. Initiatives on sustainable energy research had emerged around the world. We think sustainable energy is one of the keys that will prevent climate change, is it though?

Large Scale Solar Energy Farm in Southern California (source: 8minute.com)

Free and sustainable energy, at what cost?
We’ve all heard campaigns about solar…

Man Retires, Moves, Discovers His Doppelganger (source: NPR.org)

In July 2019, I was working on my thesis defense for my bachelor’s degree while also applying to a few companies. Five companies already rejected my application; I was losing confidence over myself.

But then one day, this gentleman named Ivan contacted me. He was starting a company from ground…

Joshua Gunawan

Sharing my thoughts and experiences to the world. Engineering/Finances/Philosophy.

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